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We were tasked with the launch of a new line of laptops for a new brand, EVOO Gaming.  Our job was to create everything from soup to nuts.  The first thing we did was create an entirely CG launch trailer, and were able to acquire the rights to license footage from the AAA game title Gears of War 5 published by Microsoft to be featured in the spot.  

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As the launch trailer moved through the post production process, sourced gaming influencers who would take part in a multi-month holiday ad campaign. Ultimately we contracted 6 people who would not only be featured in the campaign itself, but also  promote the campaign on their own social channels over the course of the holiday season. Three of these talent took part in a live-action shoot in Los Angeles, where we utilized an incredible combination of practical special effects, production design, and the Bolt Arm.



The launch-trailer, Anthem video, cut-downs, and a bevy of product and lifestyle photography were shared across Twitch, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.  We combined these professionally created assets with an equally powerful set of user-generated content including unboxing videos, reviews, giveaways, raffles, selfies, and even cooking vlogs to promote the EVOO line over the course of the 5 months. The end result was over 13,000,000 impressions and over 100,000 likes, firmly establishing and EVOO gaming as a legitimate source of high-end gaming laptops.  

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